Mountain Lakes District
Friday, December 02, 2022
North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church

Job Openings


Rainbow City Methodist Church is in need of a part-time children's minister.  If you believe that God is calling you to this important ministry, please send your resume to Rainbow City UMC Attention: Dee Dowdy, 3208 Rainbow Dr, Rainbow City, AL 35906.  Below is information about this position:
1. A love of and ability to teach and work with children.
2. A personal relationship with the Lord.
3. Biblical knowledge and ability to communicate it with children.
4. The ability to work with and co-ordinate adult volunteers.
5.  Successful completion of a background check and Safe Sanctuary Training.
6. Some past experience in working with children is preferred.
1. Meet regularly with the pastor to discuss curriculum, plans for programming of activities, etc.
2.  Work with Children's Ministry Committee to plan and implement programming that includes Bible study, worship, missions,      service within the church, fellowship and fun.
3. Be present at a minimum of one Sunday worship service.
4. Teach and/or coordinate children's Sunday School Classes, including recruiting teachers, choosing and making sure materials are available when needed.  Note:  All educational materials will be approved by the pastor.
5. Plan, coordinate, advertise and implement a Wednesday night program that includes a meal, a Bible lesson, and an activity time.
6. Plan, coordinate, advertise and implement community-wide events at least three times a year.  (Easter Egg Hunt, Back to School Event, and Harvest Festival or equivalent.)
7. Plan, coordinate, advertise and implement a Vacation Bible School.
8. Recruit volunteers to assist with all events.  Assure that all volunteers have completed up-to-date Safe Sanctuary Training.
9. Participate in training events as recommended by the Pastor.
10.  Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.